the last hurrah


my friend, E, and i found a 56 euro flight from milan to MYKONOS… (heaven sent) ! we purchased and decided to make a 13 day trip of it after finals…  E (being the planner she is) built an itinerary to milan, mykonos, santorini, and venice !!! …spain, italy, greece, italy, spain !

important to note: i heavily contemplated going home 2 weeks early and missing this trip… JUST WHY ! …”contemplating” is a no


ok… so i didn’t actually go into the city of milan… the airports are outside by like an hour-ish and since we were using milan primarily as a stopping point to hop our flight to mykonos (there are no direct flights from spain to eastern europe… ) we stayed REALLY close to the airport.

my original plan was to go into the city for the day… but after MONTHS on end in europe, you find out it isn’t all about checking places off your list ! with this being my 2nd (soon to be 3rd time to italy) i took a 4 hour nap… got up… walked to a tiny italian town… got a YUMMY pizza from a little old lady whose only words in english were… “you in italy… SPEAK ITALIAN” (sorry little old lady…) …got INCREDIBLE gelato and waited for E’s flight to arrive…


even the flight in is breathtaking. the water is CRYSTAL clear… extravagant yachts speckle the shores… tons of tiny islands… ugh !

our hotel was the BOMB too… very affordable… super kind staff, shuttle from the airport and to the port (when leaving), AND private 2-floor balcony (peep the pic below)


the FOOD in greece is my FAVORITE by far … this was pepper a little place in mykonos town, and the best gyro/souvlaki and fries with feta… ever ! they’re all amazing, but this was my top pick from mykonos and santorini…


fun fact: E and i literally lived off a gyro/souvlaki + strawberry and nutella crepe diet… SUMMER BOD, ya know… (another pic from the balcony too) but mostly my crepe !!!!


we ate… and we BEACHED !


our favorite spot was paradise beach… taxis are pretty much non-existent on the island, but buses will take you just about anywhere for 1.80 euro ! different beaches have different vibes, but you literally cannot go wrong…


MORE ABOUT MYKONOS: what’s not to love? like i said going in i bought the ticket because it was cheap and i wanted to go to greece… and i think i had heard of the kardashian’s going at one point? the beaches… landscape… HUGE change in architecture from western europe/literally the world… FOOD… and nightlife make for the perfect vacation spot! it was nice to RELAX … not sure if we made it out a day before noon…


p.s. ouzo… supposedly a part of “greek lifestyle”… i could not hang


we took a ferry to santorini (10/10 recommend)… comfy seats to chill in, cheaper than a flight, more room, AND you can hop on the top deck for pretty views !!!!!

so… i thought mykonos was the most beautiful place i’d ever been, until i discovered santorini. there are literally no words for these islands…


day 1: sailing… a MAJOR favorite of my entire time in europe… i love love love being on the water… naturally, sailing a massive boat around the islands of santorini… to the volcanic sites that created the islands, swimming in the natural hot springs, traditional greek dinner on board, and sunset underneath oía was straight out of my DREAMS… (probably my biggest recommendation ever !) seriously, a must !!!!


day 2: BEACHES… another MUST akrotiri… the red beach ! it is so so so indescribably incredible. we were there not too long when a little boat… like almost uncomfortably little offered 10 euro rides for all 3 colored beaches (red, white, and black)… and we went! wouldn’t say this is so much of a “must” …but wouldn’t have had time to visit all 3 without it! next time around i’d like to spend a full day at akrotiri !


day 3: oía… hello, beautiful! ok, when i am rich and famous this is where i will visit yearly to decompress. the VIEWS. the VIEWS. the VIEWS. literally just take time to take this place in ! words, pics, etc can’t really do it justice. AND visit atlantis books… adorable… you won’t regret it!



going going back back to italy italy !!!!!

ok, so without a doubt i have the worst luck in italy… throat swelling shut, getting yelled at, and this time… greeted with a 78 euro fine… x2 for both E and i… WHY ! we hopped a bus from the venice airport (which is actually like 5 miles out of the lagoons) thinking we could buy a ticket on the bus … like the rest of europe… we were greeted with a fine saying we were trying to steal… yes, i’m still a little bitter !

MADE IT THOUGH ! wow wow wow… there’s nowhere else like it! i had in my head there would be some roads… i was wrong. welcome to the world of water taxis ! 118 islands make up venice… aka a lagoon… aka HUMIDITY. the nice thing about venice is it is actually pretty small …with about 55,000 residents (and about 55,000 tourists daily… no joke) prepare to walk A LOT (and dodge a lot of fellow tourists) !

EAT as much gelato as you possibly can… i would say this was my favorite gelato… but in reality i think i have like 10 “favorite” gelato places throughout europe …


our first day we did a walking tour …walk walk walk walk walk… (ALWAYS recommend literally everywhere) … tourism is a big big issue in venice… with tourists buying from tourist shops, restraunts, etc… the locals have practically been run out of town… so our tour was all about keeping venice alive ! and went through lots of LOCAL less touristy parts (my favorite !) … the history of the city is mind-blowing…

it is such a vibrant and warm place.


day 2 before our flight back to madrid we were determined to ride a gondola… except it’s a set price of 80 euro for 30 min… lucky for us, we managed to make a couple new friends from northern ireland and new zealand to split the cost with us ! thrifty girls !!! it was so worth the 16 euro we split among us and so much more fun with our new friends! can’t go to venice and not ride a gondola…


last but not least… a little bit of love for E !!! i am so thankful for her and our travels together and the fact that she makes me laugh non-stop … can’t wait for many more adventures stateside !!!!


spain, italy, greece, italy, spain !


we flew back to madrid that night… and the following morning i had a 1 way to dallas…

still trying to figure out how time is going at 3,000 mph ?



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