little bit of basque country

more often than not… if you ask someone where their favorite spot in spain is they’ll tell you… san sebastián !!!!!!

you’ll hear the most magical stories of the basque country… incredible landscape, BEAUTIFUL beaches… the people, the food (pintxos)… etc… etc !

my friend G and i knew we had to visit at some point, but our biggest problem was finding a free moment to go…

we decided on the 2nd weekend of may (the week before finals) ! unlucky for me… i ended up with a bacterial infection for the 2nd time and had to be hospitalized… ha ha… thank goodness for spanish health care am i right ?? blessed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist and an amazing host mom (ily, matoya) … i was revived and ready !!!!!

A FEW OF MY FAVORITES (recommendations and thoughts) …

take trains as much as you can. my favorite form of transportation (and believe me i’ve taken every form possible) … easier security process, so much more room, and pretty pretty views ! it’s a 5 hour train ride from madrid to san sebastián, and i highly recommend it !

our first stop was for pintxos (like tapas but basque) … my best advice: don’t ask what “it” is… try new foods and flavors !!! don’t knock it til you try it kinda thing! G and i tried our first arroz negro (black paella? i don’t know an official name)… but it was so so good (and died our mouths black) ! when in españa…

TAKE IN THE VIEWS …my favorite part of san sebastián !!!!! seriously, breathtaking. we walked playa de la concha at sunset ….


a few more fav snaps !!!




our second day there it rained… so we improvised and went to the aquarium ! best decision ever. G and i are like the long lost best friends that everyone hopes to make on study abroad (seriously, not sure how i got so lucky)… we have so much fun no matter what we’re doing… naturally, all the fish of the bay of biscay were both fascinating and hilarious !!! this is so important … a huge part of travel (and life) is about improvising!!! surround yourself with good people who you enjoy being around and you’ll have fun rain or shine!!!!!

san sebastián is worth all the hype… and i can’t wait to be back !!!!



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