lisboa livin

alright, so G and E? somehow i got really lucky and met my 2 closest friends living in españa with me on our 1st day (no idea how that happened) but we all just clicked from the get go… and actually planned this trip (3 months ahead of time) without even really knowing each other ! hey, things happen for a reason right? so without any further a due…

olá de lisboa !!!!!!! 

rossio square … naturally started our trip with a free walking tour !


………. and a shot of ginjinha !


pink on every corner… heart heart heart !!!!


our first NATA (pastéis de nata) !!!!! literally one of the BEST parts of lisbon… it’s a portuguese egg tart pastry and as weird as that sounds… i crave them daily ….


VIEWS !!!! there are sooo many hills… pretty views make up for it… but you’ll also question ginjinha and the nata you just ate and life in general !


i spy the ocean… peak around every corner!!! … seriously, the views!


nata… views… and SNAPS! it was so much fun to explore and photograph the little details of this city …


the PINK street ! famous for bars and nightlife!!! (also did i mention it is PINK) ….


me n mi amiga, G, soakin up the vitamin d !!!!!!


my biggest recommendation for lisbon… explore without a plan. the tiles… the colors… DREAMY !

at first glance i had thought it seemed a lot like spain, but it isn’t at all… the colors are more vibrant and the culture is more relaxed (yeah… it is somehow possible) … so it is sort of a must to step back and go with the flow …


seriously, yum (again) !!! pastéis de belém has been making nata since 1837 (originally from cloistered nuns) … also… there’s a line like 4,000 people long, no joke… but you can bypass and ask to go straight to seating (way faster than the line, promise) !


….would it be a trip with me if we didn’t look at some art? we only had time to do the temporary post-pop exhibit… which turned out to be bomb! covered portuguese art from 1965-1975 … so so vibrant !

IMG_2790 2.JPG

also, street art is a BIG part of the city… primarily focused on the feminist movement ! you can spot lots of well known and other just for fun pieces while wondering …


AND… there is nothing more lisbon than this pic… literally could be a postcard !


tried my 1st ceviche… didn’t like my 1st ceviche… made G and E pay for my first ceviche… ya win some ya lose some!!!!


saúde to the city of LIGHT!

some cities you need a plan for (a lot of cities), but lisbon is not one of them ! it’s easy to find your way around… and the main attractions are ultra relaxed…

soak up the sun… try new foods! go to a couple look-outs (like this one below) …. listen to fado (and eat more food… almost forgot, vino verde! it’s like portuguese champagne !!!!)

and wonder !!!!!


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