london, my new fav spot on the map

LONDON, you stole my heart…

i sort of always knew i’d get to london at some point, but i didn’t really have it at the top of my list… i was honestly way more excited to meet up with a couple of my friends studying in scotland than the city itself…

how cliché…to have no expectations and fall completely in love… ugh !!!!!

DAY 1…

buckingham palace … during the changing of the guards (by accident)… it’s always really cool to experience something you’ve seen in pictures your whole life… and london was never ending !!!! surrounded by lots of green grass… patches of daffodils and tulips… THE royal palace… you get the idea? DREAMY !!!!!

tea at fortnum & mason (over 307 years old) … out of the 5 of us, 1 of my friends has been to london more times than she can count … she set up reservations and was named the tour guide (lucky for us !!!!!)… it was the most english experience of my life… bottomless tiny sandwiches, scones and jam, savory little snacks that are too fancy for me to even know the names of (but there was caviar, etc…) tea, of course (with teapots !!!!), and like 5 cakes to top it off… it was the tea party of my childhood dreams (was convinced to stay forever at this point) ……

trafalgar sqaure and the national gallery… love art, always. my favorite was sunflowers by van gogh !!!!!! literally seemed to glow from across the room… so so incredible… from there, quick “masterpiece tour” with the best tour guide !!!!!

missed westminster abbey… opted for gordon’s wine bar instead! a recommendation by one of my friends, it was the absolute GREATEST. thought to be the oldest wine bar in london, it’s pretty little, very british, and in a cave… no joke. only lit by candles, we got a couple of bottles and a cheese plate and talked for hours. again, not sure why i would ever leave this place……

walking through london… the city itself is beautiful… really really breathtaking. i loved the black taxis, union jack flags, being surrounded by english (after a month of not hearing or speaking much, ha), the feeling that i could stay forever… etc. i’m telling you, i really fell in love.

DAY 2…

tate modern… more art, are you surprised? really cool… REALLY modern.

millennium bridge… wild architecture… great view… also, in harry potter (i haven’t watched and have no interest in watching… sorry).

abbey road… lots of sites and stops in between this and millennium bridge, but i was exhausted by this point… falling in love is draining !!!! another stop that was super surreal… and funny. it’s in a residential area, working crosswalk (actually, super busy), with a constant flow of tourists taking reenactment pics… go! take pics! be a beatle!

sketch… LAST BUT NOT LEAST… literally no words for how much i love this place. we had dinner in the gallery with a reservation at 10… turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us, because we had until closing to soak up all the happy !!! there aren’t really any words for this place. the basic concept is music (there’s a dj)…eat and drink (the best food you’ve ever had)… and art, hence gallery… ( these just happen to be all of my favorite things)… you have to go at least once, trust me.

overall… london was too good to us, and thinking about all of this and then some i have know idea how we did so much in so little time. moral of the story… put london at the top of your list right now !!!!!!!!




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